Hosting visit Mr. Roland Debschutz, president of KHA

On November 16th-17th, 2023, RainWater Cambodia, Thmar Koul, and Poi Pet operational district hosted Mr. Roland Debschutz, president of KHA to visit health centres and visit vulnerable household upgrading RWH safety plan under the project. Six health centers of Thmar Koul OD and three health centre of Poi Pet OD were visited and met director or representative of health centre to talk on the project intervention for improving the health centre WASH facilities such as: hand washing station, inclusive latrine, handrail, incinerator, bottles pit, placenta pits and ramps, etc. Furthermore, visitors met some vulnerable households, community hall, and village health support group members who received training on rainwater harvesting safety plans including first flush system. Finally, visitor was very appreciated for taking the time to see the project achievements in these health centre.